Your Time is Now

Your time is now

Your time is now.

Listen, my dear, it’s time to get rid of those old worn-out beliefs to make room for the new season you’re stepping into.
What worn-out beliefs do you need to let go of?

How about letting go of not being ready and not being good enough.
You are ready. You’ve been ready for a while. You have plenty of training, certifications, and designations.

You’re intelligent.
You’re savvy.
You’re smart.
You’re ready.

You have plenty of content and material to share with those you are meant to serve. You’re ready!
Stop believing your fears. They’re only illusions meant to keep you safe.

You are good enough.
You’re good. End of story. Really. No more story.

You’re good enough. No need to try to be perfect. You’re already perfectly you.
You’re good. You’re unique. You’re gifted and talented. You have life experience. You were born with a specific purpose that only you can fulfill. You are chosen. You are appointed.

You are human. You’ve made mistakes. That’s okay. You’re still good enough.

It doesn’t matter whether everyone loves you or not. Just love yourself, and know that God loves you.

If you need permission to shine, this is me giving you permission.

Now go SHINE!

Your time is now!

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