You Control Your Thoughts

The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. But when life gets crazy busy, or things become out of our control (like being sheltered in place), we can sometimes forget this.

We forget that we have more control over the quality of our lives than we realize.

To change the quality of our lives, we need to change what we habitually think. First, we have to refuse to give in to negative thoughts. A negative thought is anything that drains our energy, makes us feel fearful or anxious, or anything less than content. We need to let our minds be renewed by the Word of God, which says that we can bring every thought captive and obedient unto Jesus Christ (see 2 Cor. 10:5).

God made us with the ability to control our minds and how we think. We are not at the mercy of the sentences that pop into our heads. We don’t have to let negative thoughts take up residence in our precious mental landscape.

For instance, when we find ourselves ruminating on a thought, we can realize that it is only a habitual pattern. The good news is you can change your habits. You can change your thoughts at any given moment.

Apply this concept to any area of life:


You can apply this concept to any area of your life where you’d like to see change.

You have the power.

It starts with your mind.

You are more powerful than you realize.

You have more control over the quality of your life than you realize.

If things aren’t great now, while you might not be able to change the circumstances, you do have the power to choose how to respond to those circumstances.

How you respond will determine how you feel about life, about yourself, and others.

You have the power within you to create a life you truly love. It starts with an awareness of the quality of your thoughts and realizing that you control your thoughts.


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