Women’s History Month: Achieving Financial Security

Women's History Month: Achieving Financial Security

According to a new Fidelity study, women say they feel more stressed than men about money. In fact, “stress” is the no. 1 word women use to describe their emotions surrounding money. But rather than being paralyzed by stress, let’s look at how women are achieving financial success anyway.

The good news is many women are dealing with their stress by taking control of their finances. They’re making positive changes by taking forward action. Nearly 90% of women say they have made money moves or are planning to within the next six months.

Women are courageously doing things like creating spending plans, paying down debt, improving their credit score, building an emergency fund, and saving money for retirement or other big financial goals.

“It’s no secret women continue to face unique challenges that have historically gone unaddressed by the financial services industry,” said Joanna Rotenberg, president of Personal Investing at Fidelity Investments.

One of the major findings of the Fidelity study is the power of women working together in community toward their financial goals. Women feel more inspired and empowered to take meaningful action toward their money goals when they feel supported by other women.

Back when I was doing retirement planning workshops for women, something powerful happened in the workshop room: Women were more open to discussing their money fears, which made them feel less anxious and more hopeful. Because of being in community with other women, they actually got closer to reaching their financial goals because they felt more motivated to make decisions and take control.

That’s really what financial empowerment is all about. Taking charge by taking baby steps toward our goals consistently to secure our financial futures.

What’s one baby step you could take today toward your goal of financial security?

Happy Women’s History Month! Here’s to achieving financial security!

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