Women want to feel confident around money

Feel confident around money

Since 2006, I have met with hundreds of women to talk about financial matters. After each session, I’m always reminded that we all share one thing in common: We want to feel confident around money.

If you feel clueless about finances and stressed over making the right decisions, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The Allianz Women, Money & Power Study (2019), revealed that women of all ages and walks of life lack confidence with financial and retirement planning even though they are well educated, have successful careers, and manage their daily household finances.

We need to own our financial power.

We sabotage ourselves when we don’t take charge of our finances.

Rather than choosing to overcome the discomfort of dealing with money, we avoid doing the planning it takes to feel confident around money and our security for our future.

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The irony is that once a decision is made and steps are taken to deal with finances, women are amazed at how empowered they feel. Many of them say things like,

“I wish I had done this sooner!”

If you yearn to feel confident with money, a good place to start is to pay attention to what’s going on in your finances right now.

If we want to feel confident around money, we have to show up and do the {inner} work.

Whether you’re married, single, or in a relationship, make it a priority to get clarity around your money.

Creating awareness is a powerful step toward getting your breakthrough.

What holds us back from taking charge of our finances?

The two most common reasons women don’t take charge of their finances:

1. They’re too busy
2. They don’t know where to start

If this is you, sit tight. I’ve got you covered! Help is on the way!

That’s why I created the 2022 Busy Women’s Financial Planner.

Take charge with this empowering financial planner designed to help you get your finances organized, set money goals, and get clarity on your most important money projects for the year. But most importantly, feel confident around money!

Are you ready to get inspired to set financial goals, plan for retirement, pay off debt, boost savings, and excited to track your progress every month of the year?

This cute printable planner is perfect for busy women who are ready to become empowered with their money and take charge of their finances so they can have peace of mind about their financial security.

Get started today with the 2022 Busy Women’s Financial Planner to help you be more confident with money.

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