Why Most Women Entrepreneurs Earn Less Than They Should

Why most women entrepreneurs earn less than they should

As a former retirement planner, I suggest that one of the best ways for women to catch up on retirement savings is through business ownership. When you work for yourself, you can write your paycheck. You get to decide on the income you want to earn, making running your own business a perfect vehicle for accelerated retirement savings. But most women entrepreneurs earn less than they should.

One of the most common reasons women entrepreneurs don’t earn what they want is their relationship with money, which is influenced by their childhood programming. Experiences early in life form our beliefs about money, safety, and worthiness – all contributing factors to our relationship with money.

So, one of the first steps in dealing with current money issues is to explore early beliefs and memories that still have control of our attitudes and behaviors. Journaling is a highly effective method for inquiring about these past experiences. List your thoughts and fears about money—no matter how ridiculous or illogical they might sound.

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Writing a money timeline or money autobiography is another powerful exercise. I’ve worked with many trauma therapists who have you write a trauma timeline, listing all your traumatic memories in chronological order, beginning in early childhood. Writing a money timeline—the history of your experiences with money from childhood to the present is an eye-opening exercise.

Healing our relationship with money is a journey, not a destination. Yet, if we want to increase our income, retirement savings, and wealth, healing our money relationship will help us get there faster.

We rarely prioritize our money relationship when it comes to earning more. Yet, it is our relationship with money that holds the key to our true prosperity. We focus on the mechanics (marketing, client attraction, list building, etc.) Which is the primary reason most women entrepreneurs earn less than they should.

But not everyone can afford to hire a money coach, which is why I created my new line of Wealth Manifestation Journals. The good news is that all you need to work through your own version of money stuck-ness is a simple journal and your favorite pen.

Wealth Manifestation Journal for healing our messy money stories

Journaling helps you uncover underlying emotions in a way that feels safe and supportive, which makes it a powerful tool for transforming negative emotions around money and wealth building.

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Wealth Affirmations to rewrite your money stories

The Wealth Manifestation Journal includes money mindset affirmations and journal pages with prompts to uncover your limiting money beliefs, journal your thoughts, declare positive affirmations, and renew your mind to get in alignment with wealth.

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