Why I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2020


I joined the July 2020 Ultimate Blog Challenge,  which means I’ve committed to posting a blog on this website every day for the next 31 days. Why on earth would I do that?!!!

Over the last few months, while we’ve been SIP, I received several calls from women who are getting serious about planning for their financial future.

Some of these women are in a good financial position but they want to get smart about planning for the future. Others are in dire situations (as in decreased income and/or limited or no assets to their name). Fortunately, they are still years from retirement, so they still have time to make something happen.

I applaud these women for taking a stand for their financial security. We as women have to do this work for ourselves. We cannot depend on others to do it for us.

When I reflect on these conversations, I’m reminded of a statistic I recently read,

Single women have only 32 cents for every dollar of wealth owned by single men, according to the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances. (Source)


This re-ignites my passion to empower women to create abundance in their personal wealth.

I’m on a mission to inspire women to take charge of their finances, so they can create financial freedom and enjoy financial peace of mind.



If you’re a woman who wants financial freedom so you can enjoy a safe and secure retirement, be sure to follow me on this blog. I have a plethora of posts lined up to share my best ideas, tips, and loads of resources that I’ve accumulated over the years.

All this designed to empower you to get smart about money and plan for a financially secure retirement.

Here’s to your financial freedom!

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