What’s your most important resource as a female entrepreneur?

What's your most valuable asset as a female entrepreneur?

As a female entrepreneur, your motivational WHY may very well be your single most important resource. Let’s face it, running your own business is hard work. The learning curve is steep, and there are so many hats to wear as entrepreneurs. It takes many physical, mental, and emotional energy to keep up the momentum necessary to build a thriving business.

If you are a female entrepreneur, you must find an endless source of motivation to make your business thrive, you must identify the real WHY behind what you do.

When you have a big enough WHY you’ll make your goals and dreams a priority, you’ll do whatever is necessary to get through the challenges that tend to come up.

You’ll even do the work of healing your money mindset and creating new habits with money when usually you wouldn’t want anything to do with dealing with money.  

You’ll find yourself stepping into a higher version of yourself, a more financially empowered woman.

Here are three types of WHYs that tend to fuel the success of female entrepreneurs.

Passionate Whys

Passion or purpose tends to fuel most female entrepreneurs. They have a divine calling to share their unique gifts and talents with the world. For entrepreneurs with a true passion for their work, it can be a strong motivator.

Some female entrepreneursurs are passionate about a subject, spending all their waking hours engrossed in the topic. Some are passionate about a particular demographic and would do anything to help their ideal client achieve her goals.

Whichever type of purpose-based business owner you are, learning to harness that passion will help take your business to the next level.

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Financial Whys

Many women today find themselves way behind on their financial savings goals. Studies show that most women are under-prepared for a financially secure retirement—women’s economic security fuels my passion for helping women own their worth.

Women must build their wealth to fund their dreams, not just now but in retirement, too.

There are many reasons women come to me for money coaching. They instinctively know how important it is to get a handle on their money issues. Whether it be to increase their income, get out of debt, or get serious about saving more so, they can make retirement a reality.

Or, they know they need to raise their rates and charge more, but they’re afraid to do it.

Yet, if women do not embrace the value they bring to their client base, they hold themselves back from charging what they’re worth and reaching their financial goals. (Want to download my free Pricing Guide? CLICK HERE.)

We all know that money is a necessary resource. We need it to live. The more we have, the more we can be a blessing to ourselves and those we care about most.  

Besides that, God wants female entrepreneurs to be financially successful! The more income we earn, the more we have to tithe and sow into His kingdom!

Whatever your money goals, tapping into your financial WHY can be a powerful motivator for building a successful business.

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Charitable Whys

Plenty of women go into business to have more money to do nice things for their loved ones. We want to take care of those we care about, and being financially successful is one way we can make this happen.

If you have a heart to give to loved ones (after funding your savings, of course!), this might be the driving force that takes your business to the next level. Tap into this desire daily to fuel your motivation to keep things going when the proverbial going gets tough.

Trying to build a thriving business on sheer will alone will eventually lead to burnout.

Instead, tap into your motivational WHY. Ponder the desires of your heart and consider your biggest dreams.

What’s your motivational WHY? Cultivate this as your most important resource as a female entrepreneur.

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