What is financial self-care for women?

Did you know that an important area of self-care for women is finances? #financialselfcare

Because if we don’t practice financial self-care today, we put ourselves at risk in retirement. A time in our lives when our capacity to work for a living will diminish.

According to Fidelity, the Financial Reality of Being a Woman is that we need to save more for retirement than our male counterparts. But, of course, you’ve heard me say this for a long time now.

The contributing factors include:
✓Life expectancy
✓The pay gap
✓Health care costs
✓Career interruptions due to caregiving
✓Lack of planning

We need to give women more opportunities to have open and honest conversations about their money.

Financial coaching gives women the space to examine their financial situation in a way that feels safe and supportive.

The peace of mind (financial security!) that comes from working with a financial coach is PRICELESS.

How does it look to engage in financial self-care?

✓It looks like loving ourselves enough to cultivate financial peace of mind, knowing we have enough money to take excellent care of ourselves both now and in retirement no matter what happens.

✓It looks like NOT depriving ourselves of the right to feel safe and secure.

✓It looks like connecting with our money in a way that feels empowering.

✓It looks like getting our ducks in a row so we know how much to save, how to invest, and when we’ll be able to retire.

Financial coaching is a form of self-care.

A financial coach will create a safe, judgment-free space to discuss your top financial concerns. Then they’ll work with you to make a plan to achieve your financial security and peace of mind.

Most financial coaches offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs before recommending a program.

Here’s a comment I got from a woman after one 15-minute phone call with me:

I’m SO glad I called you! I feel better already.”

Do a search on the internet for “financial coach near me” and arrange a call with 2 to 3 coaches. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Your future self will thank you!

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