Praise for Patti Fagan

“Patti’s money training today was wonderful. She is an anointed speaker. It is the first time I have ever heard money issues being connected to a trauma background. Wow! Eye-opening. Loved it.” Beth Jones, International Speaker & Author |

“Patti goes above and beyond to help you secure your financial future! She is like a matchmaker for financial security. She really takes the time to research and make sure her solution is right for the client. Patti is a Godsend and I am so glad that I chose to switch over to her from my previous advisor.” Donna Lundy, Elementary School Teacher

“I feel very fortunate that I attended Patti’s retirement presentation at my school and that I had a follow-up meeting with her. As a single working woman with assets from my previous marriage, I did not feel I was on top of how best to handle my finances. With Patti’s thoughtful recommendations and support, I now feel confident that I will be able to live the life I choose. When I meet with Patti, I can tell that she has developed her suggestions with my best interests and needs in mind. She makes me feel as though I am her most important client. I look forward to working with her through and past my retirement and highly recommend her to my friends.” Judy Swan, Retired School Teacher, Scotts Valley Unified School District

“I have had a very positive experience working with Patti in regards to my financial matters in that I feel she has a good grasp on issues pertaining to teachers and their financial needs in retirement. She also has a very kind and caring attitude towards her clients. She has made herself available to me whenever I had questions or concerns about how the economy is affecting my investments, and she spends time carefully going over my portfolio to insure what is the best direction for me to go. Patti is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very focused about helping her clients; I trust her completely to handle my financial affairs. I would definitely recommend Patti to my colleagues.” Sincerely, Sue Banashefski, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

“Money coaching with Patti has made a huge difference in how I run my business. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck and was tired of stressing out about money. In working with Patti, I gained money saving tools, built confidence in myself, set goals and met them, and started saving money which was one of my biggest challenges! Now I save money for big expenses and retirement on a monthly basis. Patti helped me build my client base, promote my services, and most recently, gave me courage to raise my prices while feeling comfortable doing so.” Nicole Dethier, Independent Beauty Consultant, Cosmetologist

“My coaching sessions with Patti were like tea-time with a wise friend. I felt supported and encouraged through the entire money coaching process. One important skill that I acquired is the ability to identify my irrational money fears when they arise so that I can move past them and make excellent decisions with my money. Because of coaching with Patti, I found myself confidently making money decisions that I had been putting off for years (literally years!). I was able to release my fears and look at my money in a different way. If you’re considering money coaching with Patti, just know that you have to be willing to do the work but the results will be profound.” Raquel Molina, Management Analyst, Writer

“I recently had the privilege of working with Patti as my coach, and I have to say it was an incredible experience! Patti has this uncanny ability to get you out of your story and what’s keeping you stuck. I was amazed as she cut through the clutter and helped me see the crystal-clear path to my Big Win, which for me, translated into big money and a huge boost in my income! Patti’s coaching is a priceless investment for any visionary entrepreneur who wants to take their business and income to the next level, and especially for any woman who is ready to step up and rule her finances in a most powerful way!” Cynthia Marshall, MBA | Certified Life, Business & Money Coach |

“My relationship with money has been a struggle all my life.  My relationship with money started to transform during my very first session with Patti. Learning my money blueprint allowed me to embrace the positive aspects of how I show up with money and gave me clarity around my disconnect to manifesting wealth. This was the missing piece to growing my business and monetizing my gift. I now feel I have the tools to no longer respond in the old way of sacrifice and know that there is enough. I appreciate that Patti held such a safe space for me to transform through nurture, connection and inspiration. In eternal gratitude.” Maggie Schreiber, Certified Dream Coach®, Founder Women Of Wonder

“Patti’s kind and compassionate style in coaching me through “Giving yourself permission to make more money” session was so subtle yet powerful. She gently guided me to dive deeper when I initially was not seeing what I needed to see. Once I got it – the whole experience was a breakthrough and actually done very quickly! Her passion for supporting women and their worth is so admirable! I love her advocacy for women being in their power and owning their value. Thank you Patti!!!” Marla Diann, Branding Coach,

“I have had other life coaches before. However, I have never experienced such results or clarity like I have with Patti. She knew how to work on my challenges with grace and ease. I felt so comfortable talking with her. In just a few sessions a personal relationship that I thought was not working for me and I was feared that it was going to end, changed. It changed in one week’s time, to exactly what I wanted.  I contribute Patti’s coaching to this drastic change. Through a simple exercise that Patti was having me do. It brought clarity of what I needed, what I wanted and the rest fell into place. Patti helped me discover some deep-rooted beliefs I had about myself (that I never knew were there) that were obstacles in attaining what I wanted in life. Patti has helped me both personally and in my business. I feel so much lighter and clearer. I am forever grateful for Patti’s guidance and intuition. Thank you Patti!” Heather Giang

“My coaching program with Patti was enlightening. And, at times, emotional. I can no longer stick my head in the sand and ignore the facts and the numbers because now I’ve looked at them and acknowledged them. Now, I am able to continue to pay attention to my money coming in and going out. I’m aware and have a plan that can expand for the future. I’m more organized now. I track all of my money, I’m aware and pay attention to my spending. I now have an IRA and am looking at options to grow my retirement. What I would tell people about financial coaching is it’s not hard. It takes a little time and patience with yourself to make positive changes in your life. This program helped me apply some simple organizational steps that work for my life. As Patti says: Money loves attention, so pay attention!” Harmony Drew, Independent Consultant, Platform Artist