Suddenly Single and Taking Control

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Finding yourself suddenly single due to divorce can totally rock your world. And, not in a good way. Not only are you dealing with all the emotional baggage that comes with divorce but you are now responsible for your own financial future. I know how scary it is because I’ve been there myself.


As with many couples, you may have delegated the finances to your husband allowing you to focus on family, kids and your career.  While this division of responsibilities seemed to work well at the time, not being in charge of the big financial decisions is now undermining your sense of security.


For many women this is a wake-up call, compelling them to take control of their financial affairs. It suddenly becomes absolutely necessary to overcome the resistance to money.


With everything else going on in your life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about your finances. But don’t allow yourself to get stressed out about it.


While you don’t have to become a financial expert, what you do need is to have a basic understanding of what it will take to create a financially secure future. It starts with a vision for your life, and your finances.


It’s time to dream a new dream! Then create a big-picture plan to achieve those dreams.


Don’t approach this phase of your life from a place of survival. This is an opportunity to become financially savvy, financially empowered, recreating your life with purpose and confidence.


Welcome to your glorious new life! You got this!

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