Patti Fagan


Hi, I’m Patti Fagan

I’m a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and certified health & Christian life coach for women. Most days you’ll find me at home sipping herbal tea, writing, and creating content that inspires women, with my little Yorkie, Pepper at my side.

I love serving the world by inspiring women to go after their big dreams! I create content and digital products for women who are looking for ways to increase their finances, boost their faith, and create a life they truly love. I feel blessed that God has given me the gifts, talents, and life experiences that allow me to speak into the lives of women.

My mission is to help women step into God’s best for every area of their lives, including health and finances. I truly believe God doesn’t want us to just survive. Our heavenly Father wants us to thrive!

There was a time when I struggled to live God’s best in my finances, health, and marriage. I didn’t understand how much God wanted me to succeed. I found myself stuck in a toxic relationship, six-figure credit card debt, and chronic illness.

Finally, I committed to a daily practice of studying God’s Word. Little did I know that this would change my life forever. That single decision launched me into a sanctified lifestyle and the power of living by the Grace of God.

As I applied what I learned, my life started to turnaround. It wasn’t always easy. I had some hard lessons to walk out. But, in the end, God gave me the victory I so earnestly desired. Now I get to share what God taught me with women who want to live under the umbrella of God’s never-ending blessings. If He did it for me, He’ll do it for you!


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