Single Women and Retirement

Single Women and Retirement


Sometimes single women can feel overwhelmed by the fact that their financial security is their sole responsibility. If this describes you, just know that you’re not alone.

For women, money is an emotional topic. Which means it can feel overwhelming at times. But it does not have to be like that.

Studies show that confidence about future financial security increases when women work with a trusted financial professional to create a big picture plan for retirement.

I believe women need to have a hand-selected financial team in place to support her in reaching her financial goals.

Create Your Financial Team:

  • Investment Advisor
  • Financial Coach
  • Tax Professional
  • Bookkeeper
  • Estate Planning Attorney
  • Insurance Agent – both Property & Casualty and Life & Health agent

Increase Your Financial Literacy

Resources on the topics of personal finance and retirement planning for women abound. Read books, go to seminars, interview financial professionals.

But most importantly, listen to your gut and take action. Don’t stick your head in the sand.

All women – whether single, married, divorced or widowed – would do well to lean in to their finances. Decide that starting today you will cultivate a stronger relationship with your money.

When it comes to planning for your retirement, it’s never too late to start planning. And, the sooner you get started the better.

So let me ask you, what are your top 3 financial concerns?

I’m here to talk.

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