Should you see a licensed therapist?

Should you see a therapist? Blog post by Certified Health Coach, Patti Fagan

As a society, we put a lot of value on being physically healthy. But sometimes it’s just as important, if not more important, to cultivate our emotional health, too. If you’ve ever wondered if you should see a therapist, I want to share ten benefits I get when I see my licensed therapist.

Just as I believe everyone should have a life coach to help them clarify and reach their goals and dreams—especially if you’re an entrepreneur—I also think sometimes working with a licensed therapist would be highly beneficial.

Seeing a therapist isn’t a sign of weakness, as some would believe. It’s a sign of wisdom and maturity. It’s taking one hundred percent responsibility for your life.

Here are the top ten benefits I get from seeing a therapist.

  1. I feel heard. My therapist hears me. She hears my voice. She allows me to have my say. She allows me to complete my sentences without interrupting me. She employs active listening when I’m talking. Feeling heard makes me feel validated.
  2. I feel seen. My therapist sees me. She sees who I am.
  3. She gets me. I don’t have to explain myself to her. She gets who I am and makes me feel good about myself.
  4. She doesn’t judge me. I can say whatever I want to her. I can share my deepest secrets with her; she lets me know I’m not being judged.
  5. She acknowledges me. She acknowledges my strengths, my gifts, my hopes, my fears.
  6. She’s interested in me. She wants to know all about me. My background. My childhood. My relationships. My relationship with God. She makes me feel like I’m the most interesting person in the world.
  7. My therapist provides me with critical insights. Because she listens to me, she can make meaningful connections that I haven’t been able to make for myself. This is impressive because, with the work I do on myself, I’ve always been able to perceive things and make connections that lead to breakthroughs. The insights she comes up with are usually pivotal for me.
  8. She cheers me on. She gets excited for me and the possibilities that I crave. She makes me believe I can do it. She tells me I can do it. She believes in me.
  9. She sees my gifts and talents and encourages me in them.
  10. My therapist wants the best for me. She wants healing for me. She suggests ways to get the healing I’m after. She presents options and supports me in choosing which way to proceed.

I consider seeing a licensed therapist one of the most loving ways to care for myself. Especially when I’m struggling with something I can’t seem to deal with alone. I’m acknowledging my needs and getting them met by seeing a therapist.

By seeing a therapist, I’m taking care of my emotional needs in a way that they weren’t taken care of in childhood. My adult self is caring for my inner-child self, which feels empowering.

What about you?

Do you see yourself benefitting from seeing a therapist of your own? If you’re curious, I highly encourage you to try it. Why not? There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. Finding the right therapist is the key to success.

Not all therapists deliver the value I’m looking for. I’ve seen some therapists that didn’t offer me the benefits listed above. Perhaps they weren’t the right fit. They didn’t get me for some reason, which means I didn’t feel a bond with them. There was no chemistry. Feeling a strong connection with your therapist is vital to success in therapy.

If you can’t find a therapist in your local area, try an online directory like I’ve never used them, but I heard good things about them. Also, try doing an internet search on “find a licensed therapist in my area,” and you’ll get a whole page of possibilities.

What if you can’t afford therapy?

If you can’t afford to pay for a therapist right now, know that some non-profit organizations and churches offer free counseling to the community. Call your local Community Foundation or church to inquire.

For instance, my church offers free lay counseling from counselors who have been highly trained by a professional therapist who was formerly licensed and now pastors at our church.

Hopefully, this article gives you a new perspective on the possibilities of seeking therapy. I hope it illuminates a ray of hope if you’re struggling with a difficult situation. Know that you don’t have to deal with it on your own.

Find a good therapist to help you on your journey. You may need to see a few different ones to get the right fit. But it’s worth it when you find the right one for you.

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