She Did It, So Can You!

She Did It, So Can You!

When a woman makes a decision to take the first step to get her finances in order, it boosts her self-confidence, especially around money. This confidence has an impact on other areas of her life as well, which allows her to make sound financial decisions.

Take my sixty-one year old client Missy for instance. She was a school teacher for thirty years, and has been single all of her life. We’ve been working together on her finances for the last five years. She didn’t want to wait until 65 or 70 years old to retire. She wanted to retire as soon as possible.

Here’s what made it possible for her to retire at sixty years of age:

  1. We plugged the money leaks that were happening in her finances
  2. She has been diligent about clamping down on her expenses
  3. She always paid herself first
  4. She contributed at least 20 to 25% of her income (and sometimes much more!) to retirement savings

Plus she owns her own home, a cute little Victorian in Northern California, which she will pay off in a few short years.

Now most might think that because she earned a teacher’s salary and had no one else to support her financially that she might not ever see retirement on the horizon.

Not true. In fact, she retired last year. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Now she’s having the time of her life, traveling and taking up her love of theater as a hobby.

Between her modest teacher pension and the guaranteed lifetime income stream that we set up for her (that’s income she’ll never outlive, by the way!), she receives approximately eighty percent of her final income.

It’s totally possible to earn a modest salary, own your own home and retire when you want to with plenty of money in savings and never worry about running out of money as long as you live.

It all starts with making the decision to care enough about your financial security to take the first step.

That first step will be different for each woman, depending on where you are right now in your finances.

What’s your first (or next) step?

√ Create a big picture plan for your money?

√ Track your expenses?

√ Plug your money leaks?

√ Open a new retirement account?

√ Increase your income so you can start socking away a lot more in savings?

√ Or maybe you have been diligent in saving for retirement and you’d like to consolidate your accounts, or turn a portion of your assets into a guaranteed lifetime income stream that you can never outlive.

Whatever it is, make a decision to do it today, as in right now.

Let me know how I can help.

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