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Just a head’s up that the official launch of my newest book, “How Every Woman Can Retire Without Worry: 10 Simple Steps to Secure Your Financial Future” is happening this week! To celebrate, the kindle version is on sale at Amazon for 0.99 cents now through July 27th.

Would you like to read a chapter? Click here for a sneak peek.

I’m so excited about the reviews my new book is getting. Here is one of the 5-star reviews from an Amazon reader:

“How Every Woman Can Retire Without Worry” is a book that provides great advice and resources for women to take control of their financial future, offers guidance and strategies to achieve financial security in retirement.

It teaches us about the importance of financial education, early planning, and making decisions about investments and savings. Patti encourages readers to increase their financial literacy, the importance of acting, and to consider working with a financial advisor to help guide you. She shares about common mistakes to avoid when saving for retirement, offering practical tips and ideas.

It’s a step-by-step guide, very well structured, with clear information for each step, allowing readers to understand the topic, each related to financial planning. retirement, such as health care coverage, long-term care, social security, helping us to collect financial information and organize documents to help simplify a potentially overwhelming task.

Through her personal experience, the author shares her anecdotes and stories from other women about overcoming financial difficulties.

For me this is an empowering book that motivates you to believe in your ability to achieve your goals, to overcome your fears, and to start developing a healthy relationship with money.


If you’re concerned about whether you’ll have enough money to support yourself in retirement when you can no longer work, this book will be your new best friend and your blueprint for financial success.

Click here to read a sneak peek.

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How Every Woman Can Retire Without Worry book cover

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