November is Long Term Care Awareness Month!

Did you know that as a woman, you face a higher probability of needing long term care or becoming a caregiver for a loved one at some point in your lifetime?


We women need to be aware of the financial risk factors involved in terms of both providing care for a loved one, and of needing long term care ourselves.


According to studies:


1 in every 2 individuals turning 65 today will need the coverage of a long-term care solution during their lifetime.

(Dept of Health & Human Services, Long-Term Services and Support for Older Americans: Risks & Financing)


When helping Medicare eligible people choose a health plan, they’re usually surprised when I tell them that Medicare does not cover beyond 100 days of Skilled Nursing costs. They consider that long term care, and Medicare won’t cover long term care.


My blog post today is actually a round up of earlier posts where I discuss what women need to know about long term care. As well as why women need to consider adding long term coverage to their retirement portfolio.


Women and Long Term Care blog posts:

Long Term Care is a Women’s Issue – Part 1

Long Term Care is a Women’s Issue – Part 2

The Cost of Healthcare for Women in Retirement

What’s the Greatest Retirement Risk for Women?


Ladies, please take a few minutes to read the above articles and educate yourself on this important financial topic.


Not only will you feel empowered because you’re increasing your financial literacy, but you’ll also learn the different ways women are taking control, so you, too, can feel confident about your financial security and the years ahead.

Got questions? Let me know how I can help.

Patti Fagan

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