My journey from financial avoider to financial empowerment

My journey from financial avoider to financial empowerment

Do you crave financial empowerment? This might surprise you coming from a financial advisor, but there was a time in my life when I felt completely clueless about money. I didn’t understand how to manage it. I had no concept of how to save or invest it.

Personal finances felt like a mystery and a lot of hard work. Quite frankly, dealing with money seemed really boring to me. I had no interest in the subject.

So when my ex-spouse told me I never had to worry about finances, I chose to believe him. I never gave finances a single thought. Until we split  fifteen years later.

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The only reason I ended up in the financial services industry is that I had my insurance license and started working for an employee benefits company, teaching retirement benefits workshops for small business owners and their employees.

This lead to me being recruited by a broker who specialized in retirement planning for school administrators and teachers. Which, as it turns out, was my appointment with destiny.

I suddenly became fascinated with the topic of money, especially as it relates to retirement income planning.

From financial avoider to financial empowerment:

Since the majority of school teachers are women, I came to learn the key differences in how they deal with money, and how this can have a negative impact on their future financial security in retirement. In college, I absolutely loved my women’s studies classes, so working with women and money naturally became my passion.

The fact that money is an emotional topic for women was confirmed in my mind each time I met with academic professionals at various income levels, from modest to six-figure incomes, depending on their position.

The more I learned about the unique financial challenges women face in retirement, the more concerned I became. My passion for helping women create financial security became an all-consuming quest, as I endeavored to sort out my own entangled money story.

Over the course of the last eleven years, my date with destiny took me from financial avoidance to financial coaching. My own coming-of-age story is one of transforming my money relationship, which has really been about healing my past and transforming my relationship with my self-worth.

The first thing I had to believe was that I was worthy. That I deserved financial wellbeing. Then I had to take ownership of the state of my finances.

I had to realize that my future financial security was my responsibility. I learned to not be afraid to face the sober reality that we as women face unique financial challenges in retirement. I turned my fear of money into my passion for financial empowerment for myself and all women.

I strongly believe that every woman – married, single or widowed – should have a firm grip on her finances and own her financial empowerment, so that she can properly prepare for her retirement years.

If that’s something you’d like to do but you’re not sure where to start, let’s have a chat over a {virtual} cup of tea. Women never get the opportunity to talk openly about their money, which is necessary in order for women to build confidence around money.

It’s a 30-minute, complimentary, confidential, no-judgment, safe conversation with me.

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Here’s to your financial security!

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