My Diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue Due to Prolonged Stress and Anxiety


For the first time in history, the entire world is under massive amounts of emotional stress and has been for several months now. What I feel compelled to share during this pandemic is that we need to constantly take control of our emotional wellbeing and not allow ourselves to be influenced by the onslaught of negative news that is flooding the airwaves.

Studies have proven that prolonged stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, and can cause prolonged adverse conditions that are difficult to overcome.

Because of adrenal fatigue, I’ve had to be very intentional about keeping my mindset focused on positivity, hope, and faith. I do everything I can to avoid getting stressed out and overwhelmed. But I’m concerned about the level of fear, anxiety, and stress that others are challenged with because I know from personal experience what a constant environment of stress does to your health.

Having to deal with adrenal fatigue has been life-altering. I was first diagnosed in 2011 when I started experiencing a combination of unexplainable symptoms mainly increased fatigue and brain fog. I had no idea back then what an impairment this condition would be.

While adrenal fatigue isn’t an accepted medical diagnosis, it is a very real experience for those of us who were chronically exposed to stressful conditions and the resulting cortisol spikes in our bodies.

It’s a lay term applied to a collection of nonspecific physiological symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, irritability, nervousness or anxiousness, brain fog, inability to mentally focus for long periods of time, sleepless nights, hormonal imbalance, weight gain (belly fat for us mature women) and a constant need for rest.

Since that first diagnosis, I have had to learn to be vigilant about my personal emotional and physical self-care. I do everything I can daily to protect myself from the danger of mental and emotional stress so that I can limit the amount of cortisol that gets produced in my body.

I do everything I can to avoid negative people, environments, and circumstances. I’ve learned to deepen my connection with what my body is telling me, so I can avoid energy-draining situations.

Needless to say, this pandemic has been a constant reminder that protecting our emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing is of supreme importance.

In the coming weeks, I will share the exact strategies and techniques I’ve learned and implemented regularly (including my favorite tool, Emotional Freedom Techniques) to support my wellbeing and my daily ability to overcome emotional stress and chronic fatigue.

For now, here are some simple reminders about what we need to be doing daily to take excellent care of our emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.


Get plenty of rest – for me, this has meant allowing myself to sleep in. Getting extra rest and allowing myself to get up later than I usually do has become more important than getting things done.


Engage in physical movement – during this stressful time and especially for those of us who are challenged with adrenal fatigue, this means not engaging in lifting weights or extreme physical exertion. Walking, bike riding, hiking or yoga is a more gentle and supportive way to get the exercise we need.


Keep your body hydrated – Increase water intake. Reduce caffeine. Eliminate white sugar altogether. Both dehydrate, and leach minerals from our bodies


Eat a balanced diet – such as a healthy diet of whole foods, not processed foods. Increase your intake of high-quality protein such as wild fish and free-range poultry (with no anti-biotics) and eat lots of fresh, colorful, ORGANIC vegetables.


Begin your day strong – Start your day with a morning of gratitude and prayer. No matter what your religious belief, faith in a higher power alleviates emotional stress and instills hope and peace.


Spend time in nature if at all possible – There’s something about breathing in the fresh air and being still in nature that seems to usher in a feeling of tranquility to counteract the negativity we’re encountering these days.


I hope you found this helpful.

Take care and stay strong!

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