Money is Self-Care for Women

Patti Fagan, Award-Winning Money Coach for Women

If you know my work, you’ll understand how money is self-care for women. In this video article, Ask Sallie: Is it Really Possible to Feel Good About Money? Sallie Krawcheck, the founder of Ellevest, shares how money for women does not actually inspire confidence and empowerment.

Rather it represents insecurity and loneliness. So much so that women would much rather talk about their own death than talk about money. As a money coach, I have to concur.

Sadly, money triggers bag lady fears, the illogical fear that we’ll end up penniless and on the streets in old age.

Yet studies show that when women take action around money, even if it’s a baby step, financial confidence increases. For instance, when women work with a financial professional to create a plan for their money, they feel good about their future.

So why then would women rather ignore their money? Why do women resist taking the action they know deep down they need to take?

Sallie likens it to working out.  We know we should in order to stay fit and healthy. We resist and avoid going to the gym. But when we finally do work out, we feel great! We feel empowered! Money is like that.

When we finally take action around our money, we feel empowered.

When it comes right down to it, just like exercising, money for women is self-care.

Maybe if we reframed taking action on our money this way, we’d find ourselves inspired to finally get with the program and get those financial To-Do’s crossed off our list.

Check out Sallie’s video article here: Ask Sallie: Is it Really Possible to Feel Good About Money? 

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