Journaling for More Peace and Calm

journaling for more peace and calm when stressed out

If you’re stressed out lately, you might want to try journaling for more peace and calm. In this blog post, I’m sharing a few journal prompts to guide you to a more peaceful state of mind.

Some people find it difficult to meditate because it’s too uncomfortable to sit still. But, in a world of constant change and uncertainty, developing a practice of mindfulness can be incredibly calming to our nervous systems. So, instead of meditation, we can use journaling to cultivate more peace and calm.

“For me, writing is a way of thinking. I write in a journal a lot. I’m a very impatient person, so writing and meditation allow me to slow down and watch my mind; they are containers that keep me in place, hold me still.”

— Ruth Ozeki

Journaling can be a form of meditation because it helps us tune out the world around us and look within ourselves. This tuning in allows us to get present to the here and now without feeling overwhelmed. Developing a daily mindfulness practice helps us stay calm, grounded, and focused on what matters most to us.

When we don’t take the time to cultivate an attitude of mindfulness, our minds become cluttered and life can feel overwhelming, which causes us to fall into negative thought patterns. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and burnout are the result.

“Writing in a journal each day allows you to direct your focus to what you accomplished, what you’re grateful for and what you’re committed to doing better tomorrow. Thus, you more deeply enjoy your journey each day.” — Hal Elrod

Ill health, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and mental burnout are often byproducts of negative or scattered thinking. Being intentional about the thoughts that take up space in your head changes your mind, body, and overall well-being.

Journaling helps you focus on what’s positive, which impacts your mental and physical health. Not to mention your stress levels.

Journaling can restore peace and hope

Practicing mindfulness through journaling allows us to expand our thinking to explore the possibilities in life. Being mindful brings attention and awareness to our innermost needs and desires.

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Journaling can be a tool to allow more positivity, peace, and calm into our lives.

If you tend to vent negative feelings when you write in your journal, that’s okay. Journaling can be a great outlet that way. But then shift your focus to the positive.

Journaling prompts to start your day feeling more calm

Who do I want to be today?

When am I most at peace?

What do I feel grateful for today?

What would make today a great day?

How can I cultivate peace and calm in my life today?

Try this journaling exercise to end your day on a positive note:

Sit in your favorite spot with your journal. Ask yourself to describe three things that were amazing about your day. Write down everything that comes to mind.

Now ask yourself what else was awesome? Continue to ask yourself what else was awesome until you feel you are complete.

Practice using your journal to cultivate mindfulness, peace, and calm until it becomes a habit. Anytime you start to feel anxious, overwhelmed or scattered, take that as a cue to journal your thoughts, and you’ll notice how calm, grounded, and connected to your inner self you feel.


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