Journal Your Way to More Money

Journal your way to more money - blog post by award-winning financial coach for women, Patti Fagan

Money is an emotional topic, which is why we would rather not deal with it. Women say they want more money. Yet, they choose to bury their emotions about money rather than explore the meaning behind them. But what if dealing with money could be enjoyable? What if you could journal your way to more money?

Journaling helps to uncover underlying emotions in a way that feels safe and supportive, which makes it a powerful tool for transforming negative emotions around money.

Use these journal prompts to help you dig deep and come face-to-face with what you believe about money. For a more transformative experience, handwrite your responses to the following prompts.

Journal your way to more money with these 21 prompts:

  • Describe your current relationship with money.
  • What did you learn as a child about money?
  • What is your first memory of money?
  • Why has this memory stuck with you?
  • Choose three words to describe your attitude about money.
  • What financial advice would you have given yourself five years ago?
  • What is your attitude about budgeting? How about saving for retirement?
  • Do you think there’s such a thing as having too much money? If so, why?
  • What is your biggest fear about money?
  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made with money?
  • What lessons have you learned from your money mistakes?
  • What’s your biggest financial regret?
  • What’s one thing you can do today to improve your financial future?
  • What would you do if you ran out of money tomorrow?
  • How would you like to feel about money?
  • If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?
  • If you inherited one million dollars tomorrow, how would you manage it?
  • How could you change your habits to save five dollars each day?
  • How do you deal with money stress?
  • Do you believe you are deserving of a wealthy life?
  • Money allows me to …

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Negative emotions around money might very well be holding you back from attracting and hanging onto more money. Journaling has been one of my go-to tools for transforming my negative emotions, not only in my finances but in every area of life.

Hopefully, this blog post has inspired you to pick up the pen to journal your way to more money.

Why not put the power of journal writing to work in your life so that you, too, can empower your relationship with money.

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Journaling helps you uncover underlying emotions in a way that feels safe and supportive, which makes it a powerful tool for transforming negative emotions around money. Take a stand for your financial wellness and grab your copy today.

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