Is your money blueprint keeping you stuck?

Is your money blueprint keeping you stuck?

How would it be to know exactly what keeps you stuck in your finances? Your issues around money are more than likely tied to incidents in your past. Everything you’ve ever experienced with money since childhood – good and bad – creates your money blueprint.

Your money blueprint is really a map of your inner relationship with money. It’s the driver of your current behavior – the reason you do, or don’t do, certain things in your finances, regardless of your well-meaning intentions.

The good news is that you can change your personal financial situation for the better simply by uncovering your money blueprint.

You can drop all the current stress you carry around money.

All it takes is clarity around your exact money blueprint and how it holds you back in every area of your finances.

Once you gain clarity at this level (the inner work of money), you’ll begin to see massive changes in your finances. This is more empowering than you can imagine.

The struggle you’ve always felt around money suddenly shifts in a dramatic way. You find yourself {easily} doing things to take care of your money. Things you’ve always resisted in the past.

You actually start feeling more in charge of your finances.

How do you uncover your money blueprint?

Enter the power of journaling.

Journal writing is one of the primary ways I’ve been able to shift my money blueprint from financial avoider to successful financial expert. But you don’t have to become a financial expert per se. Instead, learn from using the journal prompts including in the following blog posts:

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