How women handle student loan debt

Ladies, are you stressed about student loan debt? Here’s an interesting article that talks about how men and women view their student loan debt differently, which isn’t surprising when you consider that men and women view finances differently altogether. Nothing new to report there. 

The article shares some excellent information regarding women and money. The paragraph that concerns me the most:

“Women are in control of so many things at so many levels,” Kapusta said. “When it comes to money, though, they’re not as confident as they could be. They underestimate their abilities and worry about their lack of knowledge, so they aren’t making the decisions they need to.”

The article talks about how this tendency to shy away from dealing with finances can impair a woman’s ability to create a financially secure retirement for herself. 

Helping women create financial security for themselves in retirement is one of my biggest passions.

If you’re saddled with student loans (like so many professional women are these days), please read this article. Creating awareness is one way to change our behavior with money. 

Financial awareness leads to 

Financial literacy, which leads to

Financial empowerment, which leads to 

Financial security. 

This is what I want for you.

Start here ====> Check out the article here.

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