How to Create Harmony in Your Finances

How to Create Harmony in Your Finances blog post

Since money represents energy, I believe that how you handle your money can have an impact on how money flows in your life. Does your relationship with money feel harmonious or stagnant?

How do you create harmony in your relationship with money?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that enhances the flow of energy in any particular environment. When applied to your finances, it can actually have a positive impact on your mindset around money.

This simple concept may not apply to everyone because some of us are already pretty neat and organized about how we handle money.

But believe it or not, there are some people who treat their money with seemingly no respect whatsoever. Like a friend of mine who used to actually crinkle her dollar bills into a wad and then just throw it into her purse. Her money was a mess! (And, so were her overall finances!)

Declutter Your Wallet

So let’s take a look at your wallet. What does the appearance of your wallet say about how you care for your money?

Where do you put your receipts when you’re out and about? Is everything neatly tucked in its place? Or is your wallet a catch-all for old receipts and other pieces of paper?

And how do you treat your money? How do you store your dollar bills? Are they all organized and neatly arranged? Or are they a crumbled and crinkled mess?

If every time you go into your wallet, what you find is a mess, this creates a subconscious drain on your energy where money is concerned.

Let’s get your money in order with these quick tips:

  • Get rid of your old worn out wallet and buy a pretty new one that makes you feel good about where you store your money.
  • Clean out your wallet on a daily basis so it doesn’t become a cluttered mess.
  • Keep your dollar bills neatly arranged (because money deserves to be respected).

How you treat your money says a lot about how you treat your finances in general.

Money is attracted to order, not chaos and clutter. So, if you want your relationship with money to feel more harmonious, declutter the energy by cleaning out your wallet.

After you Feng Shui your wallet, you can move onto other parts of your finances.

Organizing Your Financial Documents

Do you dread paying bills each month? Could it be because your finances are in a state of disarray?

How do you file your bills to be paid, paid invoices, bank account statements and investment statements? Does everything have its proper place?

The area clients complain about the most is keeping track of receipts for tax deductible purchases throughout the year.

Create a System for Storing Receipts

Here are two different ways for keeping track of receipts for income tax deductions.

  1. At the beginning of the year create a file folder system using one folder for 2 letters of the alphabet. For example, A-B, C-D, E-F, etc. Using this system you’ll need just 13 file folders to store all of your receipts for the year.
  2. Another way you could do it is to create a folder for each category of taxable deductions. For example: Automobile, Office Rent, Office Supplies, Marketing, etc.

Applying the principle of Feng Shui to your money is a simple concept that makes a big difference when it comes to creating a feeling of harmony in your relationship with money.

I always feel a burst of energy and clarity any time I declutter anything, money included.

Get into the habit of decluttering your money on a regular basis and watch how ‘in control’ of your money you start to feel.

Here’s to your financial harmony!

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