How I Finally Transformed My Money Story

How I Finally Transformed My Money Story

As a financial coach who has worked with hundreds of women, I have come to learn that every woman has a money story.

Some money stories are heroic.

Some are tragic.

Some are clearly dysfunctional (like mine was).

But the good news is that your money story can be rewritten.

Over the years of working with women and retirement planning, and in my money coaching training, I’ve managed to build up a nice database of powerful money tools, resources and exercises.

But the one tool I found to be highly effective in releasing limiting beliefs and cultivating a healthy money mindset as a woman is the process of journaling.

Journaling became my favorite method for transforming my own money story. While it is a simple process, I will admit, it requires a great deal of introspection, determination and courage.

Life changing insights and breakthroughs are possible simply by putting pen to paper.

Journaling your money story is not a one-size-fits-all process. Your experience will be as unique as you are because everyone has their own money history to explore. Sometimes it’s not a very pleasant process either, as old baggage will surface in your consciousness.

But it is enlightening, if you commit to keeping with it until you get a breakthrough.

If the topic of money brings up negative emotions for you then I invite you to explore.

Set some time aside to find a quiet, private place where you can be alone and uninterrupted, pull out your journal and write.


Here are a few of my favorite journal prompts to help you begin exploring your own money story.

❤What are your first childhood memories around money?

❤How did your mother deal with money?

❤How did your father deal with money?

❤What did their relationship with money look like?

❤What did their relationship with money teach you as a child?

❤As you look back over your most dominant money experiences, do you detect a theme or a pattern?

❤How would you describe your current relationship with money?

❤If you had it to do over, what is one past money decision you would do differently today?


Without judgment, allow yourself to go deep with these journal prompts, keeping the pen moving for a good ten to fifteen minutes for each prompt.

Explore what’s there around money, and the story you tell yourself about it. Remember that as you journal, a small dose of authentic curiosity will go a long way toward transforming your money blocks and helping you find your place of financial empowerment.

For me, the biggest breakthroughs happened as I continued to journal for several consecutive days, rather than just one session.

After years of telling ourselves the same money story over and over again, we start to believe it as gospel truth.

But what if you began to deconstruct the limiting beliefs you’ve held around money? What if instead you consciously rewrote your money story and changed it into something that feels more expansive, inspiring and abundant?

You could then create a healthy, thriving relationship with money, and take care of yourself financially, both now and in retirement.

Give yourself the gift of journaling. Allow your money story to flow freely onto the page, and you will finally transform your own money story, creating financial wellness for your life.

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