God Wants Women Entrepreneurs to Shine and Be Bold!


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Judy Weber for her podcast, She’s Extraordinary! It was recorded shortly after shelter in place began, and no one really knew what to expect. Now here we are two months later and we have officially embarked on a new normal perspective and way of life.

In this interview, I discuss my views on what I believe God is up to in the world of female entrepreneurship. I believe He wants us empowered to live our divine calling. I am convinced that God is up to something through the current crisis. He has a bigger plan and His plans are always for outstanding success and expansion.

I believe God is positioning women entrepreneurs to SHINE and be BOLD, so we can carry our message out into the world. The world needs our light now more than ever.

We also chat about the importance of owning our value as women in business and charging what we’re worth. Why we need to stop undercharging and over-delivering. How not being codependent but God-dependent will enable us to ignore the nay-sayers and step into all that God created us to be.

Towards the end of the interview, we discuss the Pricing Secrets Guide (chock full of pricing do’s and don’ts!) that I created for women who are service-based business owners to download free of charge.

You can access the free guide here: https://bit.ly/pricingsecrets

You can listen to the interview here: http://sheisextraordinary.libsyn.com/ep-21-women-financial-empowerment





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