Here’s why I care about Financial Wellness for Women

Patti Fagan, Award-Winning Financial Coach


Even though women are well educated and have successful careers, studies show they lack confidence in financial and retirement planning. Add to that the fact that, for women, money is emotional. We don’t see it as just a transaction as men do. Which has a tendency to make us feel incompetent when talking about money.

There are many financial challenges women face in retirement that men do not. Yet, despite their unique needs, the majority of women feel they have been under-served by the financial services industry because they traditionally cater to men.


But ladies, we can’t let that hold us back from taking matters into our own hands. Let this be the year you decide to take charge of your money stuff. Get your financial house in order.


If you’re married, don’t assume your husband has it all taken care of. Get involved and make it a priority to be aware of what’s happening in your retirement plan. That’s how you grow your confidence with money. Even if money “isn’t your thing,” I’m guessing that financial security, and not outliving your money in retirement is your thing.

Let me know how I can help.

Happy National Financial Wellness Month!


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