Financial Peace is Within Reach

Financial peace is within reach

Financial peace is just one step away. If you feel stressed out about finances, know that you’re not alone. I recently saw a segment on Fox News with financial expert, Chris Hogan, where it was reported that 85% of Americans suffer from some form of financial anxiety. (Northwestern Mutual)

The top 3 causes of financial anxiety were cited as:

  1. Never being able to retire
  2. Living paycheck to paycheck
  3. Living in debt forever

Can you relate?

This truly saddens me and it’s why I feel so passionate about what I do.

As a result of working in the financial services industry for almost 20 years, I know for a fact that good things happen when you face your financial fears. The worse thing you can do is put your finances on the back burner. Nothing good ever happens when you put off dealing with your money. In fact, things often times get worse.

Your money wants your attention.

What if instead of avoiding dealing with your finances, you could have confidence and enthusiasm around your money goals? What if instead of feeling anxious and worried about your finances, you could feel committed and capable of dealing with your finances? What if suddenly dealing with money finally felt doable?

Wouldn’t that feel much better?

Well, all it takes is that first baby-step toward your goals.

That’s what I do.

I help people take baby steps to get their financial house in order, so they can feel confident about their money and have financial peace of mind.

Check out my books for more financial peace:

How Every Woman Can Retire Without Worry

How Every Woman Can Retire Without Worry

40 Days of Prayer for My Finances

40 Days of Prayer for My Finances book mockup

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