Embrace your past money mistakes

Embrace your money mistakes

It’s common to beat ourselves up over past financial failures. But embracing our past money mistakes is necessary to move forward with our goals. 

I love this quote from Zen and the Art of Mindful Eating because I think it applies to our money relationship, too. How we do money is how we do everything. 

“Perfection is not always possible or even necessary.
Mistakes are a part of this journey.
When things don’t go as planned, try not to miss the lesson. 
Every mistake brings us closer to learning what works for us.”

As we strive towards financial security, it is important to remember that mistakes will happen — and you are not alone. 

Embracing your past money mistakes can be healing.

We all make mistakes when dealing with money and that doesn’t have to stop us from being financially savvy women. 

We have to remind ourselves that it takes courage and commitment to improve in any area of life especially our relationship with money. 

So embrace your messy money story as part of the process and don’t be afraid to take the first step towards making a change. As long as you have the right mindset and resources, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your money goals. 

If your money goals feel too overwhelming, baby steps are allowed. Taking even the smallest steps consistently will get you to your goals eventually. 

Let’s be the financially savvy women God created us to be –– together! Let me know in the comments below one small step you can take to tackle your money goals. Remember that something small can turn into something life transforming — if you believe in yourself and your dreams! 

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