Creating a New Money Story

creating a new money story

Money is an emotional topic, especially for women. But in their heart of hearts, most women want to overcome the resistance they feel around money. They want to stop burying their emotions about money. They want to create a new money story.

But what if dealing with money could be enjoyable? What if you could journal your way to more money?

“Your financial future is begging for personal leadership and conscious design.”
~Dr. Vi

Ladies, our Future Self is depending on who we are today to get things right with money. Summoning the courage to take a good honest look at our finances is a step that will ultimately lead to financial empowerment and self-confidence. We must resist the urge to procrastinate and stick our heads in the sand. As I see it, consciously designing your financial future is a radical act of self-love.

The good news is that there are tools to support you in exploring the landscape of your money story. Journaling is one of those tools.

Use Journaling to help you Create a New Money Story

Journaling helps you uncover underlying emotions in a way that feels safe and supportive, which makes it a powerful tool for transforming negative emotions around money.

Using journal prompts to help you dig deep and come face-to-face with what you believe about money creates the deep awareness needed to break you out of your money coma.

Here’s a money journaling tip: For a more transformative experience, handwrite your responses rather than type them out when you’re journaling. There’s something cathartic that happens when you put a pen in your hand and put pen to paper.
My may enjoy this gorgeous 21-Day money journal: Rewrite Your Money Story (available for immediate download HERE.)

During your journaling sessions, if you get to a point where it feels too overwhelming to continue with the journal prompts (for instance, you feel overly anxious), pause and give yourself a break. Know that it’s just your nervous system reacting to the feelings you’ve been carrying around about money.

Then think about something or someone that makes you feel safe, happy, or brings you joy (i.e., your cat, dog, grandchildren, best friend, a recent trip, or favorite memory). This exercise facilitates the process of rewiring your brain and nervous system. Rewiring your brain breaks the pattern of feeling overly anxious about money. You’ll create new neural pathways in your brain by associating pleasant thoughts with money. That’s the power of journaling; it creates new neural pathways in the brain.

Create a New Money Story Today

If you want some guidance, try this gorgeous 21-Day money journal: Rewrite Your Money Story 21-Day Journal to help you with creating a new money story.

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