5 Keys to Create a New Relationship with Money

5 Keys to Create a New Relationship with Money - blog post

Our relationship with money is constantly evolving. One of the most interesting discoveries I’ve made on my financial healing journey is the connection between the relationship we have with money and the relationship we have with ourselves.

As a financial coach and past retirement planner, I’ve routinely observed how we women resist having to deal with our money. But, if we want to create real wealth, wealth that will sustain us for a lifetime, we need to develop a healthy relationship with money.

If you are someone who resists dealing with money, I have good news: Your money relationship can be transformed.

Are you ready to create a new relationship with money?

I invite you to grab your favorite journal and use the prompts below to explore your money relationship. This is an opportunity to be curious and explore what’s there. Awareness is the first step to change.

Money is a highly emotionally-charged topic, so it’s important not to judge ourselves. Instead, we need to be patient and compassionate. At this point, we’re just exploring and observing how we are with money through the process of journaling.

Here are 5 keys to create a new relationship with money:

Key #1 – Forgiveness – Sometimes unresolved past issues can hold you back from reaching new levels of success in your income. These issues can stem from childhood or from experiences as a grown adult. It’s important to identify them. Otherwise, we will unconsciously hold ourselves back from reaching new income goals. Pinpointing and releasing these unconscious blocks can create an instantaneous breakthrough, resulting in higher income potential.

Journal prompt: Is there a past money mistake for which I need to forgive myself and/or others?

Key #2 – Boundaries – I have noticed how self-worth relates to net-worth. As children, we receive messages about our value as a human being. Sometimes these messages are not positive, which means we subconsciously learn to discount our value with others. If we don’t value ourselves, it shows up in a lack of money boundaries.

For instance, in business, this shows up as giving away too much time or information before the prospect has committed to becoming your client. In family life, this can show up as taking care of others and not taking care of your own needs. Or, giving family members money that should really be saved for your financial security.

Journal prompt: Where in my life do I not value who I am with others by giving too much of myself?

Key #3 – Action – Once these inner-blocks are resolved, creating a healthy new relationship with money is a matter of creating and implementing a workable infrastructure to reach your goals. You’ll now be working with the laws of prosperity, not against them. What was unattainable before will now materialize as you become aligned with your highest expression of wealth and prosperity.

Journal prompt: What is my biggest challenge with managing money? How would my life be different if this challenge was resolved?

Key #4 – Empowerment – Increasing your financial self-worth is really about identifying those limiting beliefs about wealth and your ability to create more of it. Self-empowerment around money means standing in your power with your value. Even in the face of opposition.

Until recently, the responsibility of money has been the domain of men. But all that is changing now with more and more women either going into business for themselves or climbing up the corporate ladder.

Also, more and more women are becoming breadwinners, which means more financial independence. Earning and keeping more money creates more independence for women. The world needs more financially empowered women. And we’re finally starting to see it happen.

Journal prompt: If I were to think boldly, what would I like my income to be in the next 12 months? How will my life be different as a result of earning this higher income?

Key #5 – Mindset – This is where it all begins. The bible says as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Your thoughts create your reality. So, what are your core beliefs and dominant thoughts about money?

Creating a healthy money mindset opens the door to new ideas and opportunities for increasing your income. A healthy money mindset will increase your net-worth, which in turn increases your self-worth.

If you find yourself working really hard, but your income isn’t growing accordingly, examine the quality of your relationship with money.

Journal prompt: Am I spending enough time on my relationship with money? If not, in what ways am I avoiding this key relationship?

We all know that relationships can only grow stronger when you invest quality time in them. It’s true for your relationship with money as well.

In which of the 5 key areas to create a new relationship with money do you need to invest some quality time? Pick one to work on this week. Use these journal prompts to see what comes up for you. Then be sure to give yourself a high-five for engaging with your money relationship. Yay for you!

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