Business Building with Diane Cunningham Ellis

It was an honor to be an expert speaker on one of Diane’s panels for the Virtual One-Day Summit for Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Connecting with other women entrepreneurs for business building is vitally essential for those of us who work in the online space. Since COVID, we have not had the option to cultivate community in person. Instead, virtual events can create a sense of connectedness.

Creating a virtual safe space for community is where my coach, friend, and mentor, Diane Cunningham, shines. She’s a brilliant coach and community creator through her online programs and events. (Find her at

Last Friday, she got a group of us together for a virtual one-day summit for Christian Women Entrepreneurs. The program consisted of panel discussions featuring twelve experts, including me!

We covered topics such as

  • Hosting Virtual and Live Events
  • Book Launches and Magazine Creation
  • Creating Programs, Courses, and Groups
  • Website Updates and Makeovers
  • Hiring a Team and Outsourcing
  • Mindset Transformation
  • Tracking and Business Habits

One of Diane’s gifts is showing you how to get out of your stinking thinking so you can release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Throughout the summit, she posed high mileage questions to help us examine our behavior with building healthy business habits. I love her for this!

How can I make this simple?

How can I serve bigger?

How can I let go more?

How can it work?

What if?

Where am I going?

What mindsets do I need to embrace?

It was a day filled with inspiration, a-has, learning, expanding, and connection – as a day with Diane always is.

Here are some of my notes and takeaways from the one-day summit:

Remember to let the Holy Spirit into my programs. Where is God leading me?

Be authentic and be willing to make mistakes. It’s all an experiment anyway.

Don’t let fear rule. God is my boss, not fear.

Isolation kills dreams.

Who will miss out if I don’t show up to serve?

It’s about the women God has for me to serve; it’s not about me.

Be willing to be uncomfortable. That’s how we grow.

Make it fun!

There is power in community and sharing our stories.

Try new things.

Plus, pages of notes on course creation, websites and SEO, branding, client success paths, and mindset.

But, as great as all the content was, the community aspect left me feeling fulfilled.

When we are part of a community,

We feel safe.

We feel loved.

We feel stronger.

We feel motivated.  

Thank you, Diane, for creating the sacred space for us to connect and learn from you and one another. It was a day well spent!

Find Diane online at

”Amazing things happen when women help other women.”
-Kasia Gospos

This is our time to arise and shine, ladies! As Diane always says, “Stop hiding, start sharing!”

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