Healing Miracle Secrets

A Christian Self-Help Book for Women of Faith

Who Want to Learn How to Pray Effectively for Healing

Did you know that God’s will for you is healing? And that He still does healing miracles today?

You may be dealing with a chronic health issue that won’t go away, and doctors and medications are not helping. You may have suffered from ongoing health complications for so long that you’ve lost all hope that you’ll ever be well again. But what if I told you that you do not need to tolerate sickness forever because Jesus healed you when He died on the cross 2,000 years ago?

I wrote this book for you if you’re tired of dealing with ongoing health issues, sickness, disease, and mysterious afflictions.

Learn the truth about what God’s Word says about your healing.

“I loved every word of Patti Fagan’s beautiful book. As a person with several chronic illnesses, I had allowed myself to become used to being “less than” other people. Patti helped me to see, through her use of Scripture and the very real stories of healing in the Bible, that this is not my destiny!” ~Shelby K.

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Hello, I’m Patti

Did you know that God’s will is for you to be healed and He still performs healing miracles today? If you’re not experiencing the health you want, perhaps your core beliefs around health and healing hold you back from experiencing all of God’s blessings.

Healing Miracle Secrets will help you renew your mind to the Word of God, so you can believe His promises and finally begin to see His mighty hand at work in your health and well-being.

If you need a healing breakthrough, my book will change your life and equip you to claim God’s best for your body, mind, and spirit. That’s the amazing power of praying God’s Word!

Patti Fagan