Are you a Woman Who Nurtures Too Much?

Are you a Woman Who Nurtures Too Much?

Women are notorious for putting other people’s needs before their own. Some more than others. But constantly putting the wellbeing of others before your own is a classic avoidance behavior that prevents women from achieving their own potential. Especially where finances are concerned.

Constantly giving away too much of your time, energy and resources leaves little left for what is important to your life and your future.

Charity is an admirable quality—and, in most instances, it is an essential part of making the world a better place. Yet misplaced selflessness in the name of nurturing others can cost women the opportunity of achieving their true purpose in life.

I strongly believe God created each of us for a unique purpose. That purpose includes self-actualization, wealth and prosperity in all areas of life, including finances. Our mission then becomes to discover our divine purpose, and to become our best selves.

When women recognize their bigger calling, they begin to understand how their money can help them make a bolder impact in the world—and then their potential becomes unlimited.

Only when we as women make self-care, personal growth and our own financial wellbeing a priority, can we truly give the best of what we have to offer to those we love.

We do this by nurturing ourselves first.


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