Afraid to look at your numbers? Then do this….

Are you afraid to look at your numbers?

One of the first issues we tackle when working with a new client is overcoming resistance. Does this sound like you? Are you afraid to look at your numbers, too?

You’re not alone. I used to be afraid to look at my numbers, too. But now, I geek out over anything that empowers women financially.

I have a craving to learn more (Input is my #1 theme in the Clifton Strengths Finder). In fact, I thoroughly enjoy reading women and money reports from various financial institutions.

Here are two disturbing stats I came across this week:

“Women need to be planning for a 100+ year life,” according to a recent Merrill Lynch study: Women & Financial Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line (2020).

That’s a lot of years to fund!

Also, I read this:

More than half of working women (51%) say their financial situation has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. That’s one of the chilling findings in “Life in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Women’s Health, Finances, and Retirement Outlook,” a new study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies in collaboration with the Transamerica Institute. (Source)

While reports like these are disturbing, I’m here to tell you there’s also good news:

You can take charge of your financial future, so you don’t have to worry about running out of money when you’re 85 years old.

Here are the steps:
✅ Budgeting
✅ Saving
✅ Investing
✅ Planning

It’s that simple!

But what if you’re afraid to look at your numbers?

No worries sweet cakes, I got you covered!

What if you could get a handle on your finances without the confusion and overwhelm so you can finally create the financial safety you deserve?

Now you can with a super, simple One-Page Monthly Budget Plan!

One page budget plan

Take the first step toward financial security, go get this super simple, one-page budget plan NOW! (No opt in necessary! Just click and download to your computer. It’s my gift to you for visiting my website!)

Can you hear your FUTURE SELF (aka your eighty-year-old self) cheering you on?

She’s thanking you for taking care of her tomorrow by acting TODAY!

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