7 Ways Blogging Can Heal

7 Ways Blogging Call Heal

Ten years ago, my love for journaling lead to starting a blog. Initially, I started a blog to write about Women, Money and Retirement. I craved an outlet for creative self-expression and since I love to teach it made sense to start a blog.

Blogging lead to an interesting discovery.

Blogging your thoughts, feelings, and ideas can promote healing for you and those who read your blog.

Blogging – and writing in general – has helped me facilitate the exploration of solutions for personal (and financial) challenges both for me and my readers who are primarily women who care about their relationship with money.

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Seven ways blogging can help you heal:


Blogging provides you with an opportunity to journal about how you feel. If you don’t typically write in a journal, writing on your blog provides you with the opportunity for creative self-expression, which can be empowering.

2-Mental processing.

Blogging encourages you to articulate your perspective, emotions, and thoughts. This allows you to process what your feelings, which is necessary for growth and healing.

3-Helping others heal.

Blogging promotes healing for others as they read about your struggles and how you overcame those challenges. Your readers may find inspiration from your blog. They can feel a sense of hope because your blog lets them know they’re not alone in their struggles.

4-Regular blogging builds confidence.

Let’s face it, the more you blog, the better writer you become. Likewise, the more you evaluate your topic and how to address challenging situations, the better you get at doing so.

5-Blogging connects you to something bigger than yourself.

Writing, for me, is a divine calling. I can’t NOT write because I know I’ve been called as a writer. Blogging gives me a platform to structure my writing projects and fulfill my calling.

6-Blogging frees you.

Being honest and telling the truth about your thoughts and feelings is liberating. Throughout life, many of us have learned (or were taught) to deny our feelings. Having a platform to express ourselves gives permission to own our truth and our value.

7-Blogging gives you a voice.

Many of us were taught to disown our truth. We learned that to have a voice was sometimes dangerous. Blogging gives us a safe space to speak our truth while owning the power of who we are.

As you can see, blogging is not only a communication tool, it’s an opportunity for personal transformation. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to grow (or start) your own blog, so you can take advantage of the 7 ways blogging can heal.

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