7 Thought-Provoking Thanksgiving Journal Prompts


Can you believe we are less than five weeks away from the new year? You know what that means, it’s time to think about our goals!

I’ve always found writing in my journal to be an eye-opening, heart-opening and soul-transforming experience. I use journal writing to explore my heart’s desires and discern what God has for me in the next phase of life.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which makes now the perfect time to reflect on the quality of our lives and the year ahead.

Here are 7 Thanksgiving Journal Prompts to guide you:

1) What am I truly thankful for?

2) What do I love about my life?

3) What changes do I need to make?

4) What am I tolerating?

5) What do I need to let go of?

6) What am I resisting?

7) What am I yearning for in my life?


Enjoy the process and Happy Thanksgiving!



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