5 Investing Resources for Women

5 investing resources for women

5 Investing resources for women is here for the win! Women’s Equality Day was August 26th, but many women are stilled being paid less than men. This is one reason why I believe women need to create financial wellness by making their money work hard for them.

A great article was published on Bankrate.com: 5 Investing Resources for Women (read it here) that I think all women should read. It lists five super valuable resources to help women become better investors.

According to the article,

The National Institute on Retirement Security reports that women at retirement age are 80 percent more likely than men to be in poverty.

The same report states that 401(k)-type retirement accounts have balances 34 percent less than men’s, and they’re 3 percent less likely to be eligible for their employers’ retirement plans than men are.

Aside from unequal pay, factors like longer lifespans and leaving the workforce to care for children or aging parents puts the balances women’s retirement funds at a disadvantage, also according to the NIRS.

It’s still possible for women to overcome these retirement barriers. Women-focused organizations offer tailored investing products and advice. With investment-planning algorithms that take into account the gender wage gap or messaging that reaches women on a personal level, they’re here to help

Here are five investing resources that can help women catch up their retirement accounts.

  1. Ellevest helps women create personalized investment strategies.
  2. She Spends makes personal finance more approachable.
  3. Savvy Ladies offers financial webinars for the busy woman.
  4. Women’s Institute for Financial Education (WIFE) builds strong financial literacy foundations.
  5. Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) offers nationwide research and workshops.

Ladies, this is a great article and these websites are loaded with all kinds of content and resources to help you be better with your money and become a better investor.

Please, please, please take some time on your day off and go through these websites. Take advantage of the resources they offer. This is how you build your financial literacy.

Another very helpful resource for you is my new book, 31 Days of Wealth Empowerment for Women. I wrote it to inspire women who feel a little intimidated by the thought of investing to create wealth. It’s 31 days of wealth building tips to get you motivated.

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