4 Tips to Confidently State Your New Prices

Do you get tongue-tied when talking about your prices?

Do you dread that point in the discovery session conversation when your prospect says, “How much do you charge?”

If so, you’re not alone. Most women have difficulty talking about money—especially when quoting their prices.

But if you’re going to sign on new clients (so your business can be profitable!), get comfortable talking about your prices.

The goal is to be so comfortable stating your pricing that the words roll effortlessly out of your mouth. Almost like saying, “pass the salt.”

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Here are four tips to get you there.

1-Practice in the mirror. I have my clients practice saying their new prices in the mirror. There’s something powerful about looking yourself in the eye and stating your truth, in this case, your new pricing. Stand in front of your mirror and say, “I charge $XXXX for my 6-month program.” Or, “The investment for my 90-day program is $XXXX.” Practice over and over, up to one hundred times a day.

The more you say your rates out loud (not in your head), the more natural it will roll off your tongue. You’re creating muscle memory as you practice saying your new pricing.

2-Smile. Whether you’re on Zoom, the phone, or writing an email, smile when you state your rates. Your tone of voice changes when you smile. It changes the energy of your words. The strength that comes through when you smile conveys confidence and authority, not to mention professionalism.

3-Avoid self-doubt. Watch your posture as you speak to potential clients. Do you say things like, “Well, normally I charge…” or “Actually, my rates are…” or “Do you think that $XX.00 will work for you?”

Wishy-washy language communicates a lack of belief in your services and will not instill confidence in your client.

Rather than squeaking out a timid, “Um, I charge, like $1,000 per month,” sit up straight, smile, and say, “My rate for VIP coaching is $1,000 per month.” Then say nothing.

4-Embrace the silence. When we get nervous in a sales conversation, we tend to talk too much. When really, what we want to do is give our prospect quiet space to process her decision. Get comfortable within yourself with sitting in the silence. Hold space for your potential client to get in touch with the desire to work with you.

Being able to share your pricing in a clear voice will help potential clients know that you’re confident in your skills, and consequently, you are the right coach for them.

A Word of Caution

When it comes to setting your fees, you yield better results after you do the inner work of aligning your mindset with your new prices.

Have you explored your mental blocks around owning your worth?

How about your limiting beliefs and fears around money?

If you have not, start there.

Then you’ll find raising your rates is less scary than you think.

Download my new Pricing Tips Guide Here

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