3 Smart Business Investments You’re Probably Not Making

If you are a solo entrepreneur, there are 3 smart business investments you’re probably not making. You may feel good about the fact that you’re a one-woman operation, building your business from the ground up, handling every task all on your own.

You may have built your website, learned how to record and upload videos to YouTube, figured out how to format your email newsletter, and even mastered creating your own social media quote images in Canva. (Seriously, I’m in love with Canva!)

But the feeling of pride that comes from doing the work yourself comes with a price. Too many women are working long hours, suffering from burnout and chronic fatigue—not because they’re not good at what they do, but because they’re unwilling to invest in their business.

They let the lack of a bigger vision and a scarcity mindset prevent them from taking the steps—and making the investments—that will have a massive impact on their profitability.

I was once guilty of this. Perhaps this is your current situation.

Well, my friend, sit tight because I’ve got you covered.

Here are the three business investments in which all coaches and women entrepreneurs should invest to grow their profitability.


By far, the biggest objection to outsourcing I hear is “I can’t afford it.” But the fact is, if you’re a business owner who intends to grow, outsourcing is an inevitable step.

The time you free up by not doing all those administrative tasks yourself is time you’ll spend more productively, by:

  • Creating new coaching programs
  • Leveling up your content marketing game
  • Recording video and audio content
  • Connecting with your target audience through email and blogging
  • Working with clients either one on one or in a group setting
  • Even just enjoying your life!

We should never consider outsourcing an expense. It’s an investment. If you’re not getting a return on your outsourcing investment, take a good look at what you’re outsourcing and to whom because there is likely room for improvement.


Most online business owners start out using low-cost tools. Or they stick with the free version for way too long. By investing in the paid version of online tools, you can access an abundance of cool features that you don’t get with the free version. Too many entrepreneurs fail to recognize the benefits of true automation, so they never upgrade.

Recognize when it’s time to ramp up your online tools to include funnel automation features and watch your free time and income increase dramatically!

Business Coaching

Yes, it is possible to build a successful business solely on your own. But not very likely. You can’t learn everything you need to know by reading books and blogs. And, you can only sign up for so many free programs because, at some point, you’ll need to step up and invest.

If this has been your strategy and your income has flat-lined, it’s time to invest in business coaching.

As an entrepreneur or coach, you don’t know what you don’t know. But a coach can help you see past your blind spots, work through the blocks that are holding you back, and help you build a business you love—on your terms.

A business coach will help you:

  1. Clarify your niche
  2. Create your signature system
  3. Design irresistible packages
  4. Set your premium prices
  5. Map out a streamlined marketing campaign
  6. Attract and sign on your ideal clients

If you want to take your coaching business to six figures and beyond, you can’t be afraid to invest in a business coach.

Wise business investments such as coaching, automation, and outsourcing will pay for themselves many times over and take you to new income levels you’d never reach on your own.

Hiring a coach is a smart and savvy business investment for brand new coaches and women entrepreneurs.

By hiring a business coach – and the sooner, the better – you will accelerate your results. You’ll get to six figures faster than if you tried to figure out everything on your own.

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