18 Tips to Help You Create the Habit Of Journaling

Create a habit of journaling

Journal writing (aka free writing) yields many powerful benefits. But the consistent habit of journaling will transform you and your life for the better. Here are my 18 tips to help you create the habit of journaling. They will guide you if you have ever wanted to cultivate a journaling practice but didn’t know how.

Here are 18 Tips to Help You Create the Habit of Journaling:

  1. Don’t rush it – take your time and enjoy the process.
  2. Have great tools – I like to use pretty journals and pens that inspire me.
  3. Be present when you journal – shut out all distractions. This is your time.
  4. Be consistent with the time you journal – choose a time of day and stick with it.
  5. Commit to the practice of journaling – which is committing to your personal growth and healing.
  6. Get inspiration from nature – I like to sit where I can look out the window at the trees.
  7. Share your enthusiasm for journaling with others – sharing can deepen the learnings that happen when you journal.
  8. Find a favorite place to journal – perhaps a favorite cafe or at the ocean.
  9. Enjoy your favorite drink when you journal time- my drink of choice is green tea in a pretty cup.
  10. Use a special seat for journaling – create a sacred space for your writing.
  11. Set aside time with your child to journal together – it will benefit them for a lifetime.
  12. Eliminate outside distractions – this is your time to focus on yourself.
  13. Diffuse essential oils while you journal – my favorite blend is lavender and frankincense, yum!
  14. Leave your journal out where it can inspire you to engage with it – mine sits on my writing desk.
  15. Schedule journaling time into your calendar – it’s part of my morning routine.
  16. Always have a supply of journals on hand – I keep a stock of pretty journals.
  17. Forgive yourself when you don’t journal – life happens. Sometimes you’ll miss a day, and that’s okay!
  18. There are no rules about journaling. Just try it and have fun!

This will inspire you to create a habit of journaling: Journaling for Inner Strength

As with all things, you have to want to develop the habit to create it. Ask yourself why you want to journal and what you hope will come of it. Discover what motivates you and make that motivation part of your routine.

I get cranky if I don’t get my “me time” through journal writing. It has become a sacred time of self-care. Journaling is my time to connect with my inner-self (my inner-child self). It soothes my soul and makes me feel grounded.

The first few times you try journaling, it might feel like you’re doing it wrong, but you’re not. There is no wrong or right way to journal. There are no rules to follow. Just pick up the pen and write whatever thoughts come to mind. Just be curious and explore your inner world.

Committing to a daily practice creates familiarity and intimacy with yourself. Keep at your journaling and notice what comes up for you. What new awareness surfaces with your journal writing? How do you feel after you journal? How do you feel when you miss a day of journaling?

Hopefully, these 18 tips will help you create the habit of journaling. I hope you find it as enriching as I do.

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