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It starts with trusting the promises of God and becoming the woman He called you to be. That’s what this website is all about! Pour yourself a cozy cup of tea and have a look around. I promise you’ll be inspired to take 100% responsibility for your life and happiness.

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Patti Fagan

Hi there!

I’m Patti

I’m a Certified Health Coach, Christian Life Coach, Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, author, and former retirement planner.

This website aims to inspire you to claim all the goodness God has for you, so you can live a beautiful life – spirit, soul, and body.

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40 Days of Prayer for My Finances book mockup

Are you struggling with financial challenges, burdened by debt, or constantly living paycheck to paycheck?

The relentless worry, anxiety, and stress about money can be overwhelming. I’ve been there, and I’m here to tell you there’s a way out – and it starts with dwelling on the Word of God and powerful daily prayers.

Introducing “40 Days of Prayer for My Finances,” a powerful and transformative book of prayers designed specifically for Christians facing financial stress. This book is your key to breaking free from the chains of financial lack and discovering God’s promises of prosperity and provision in your life.

No matter how dire your financial situation may seem, “40 Days of Prayer for My Finances” offers you a lifeline of hope, guidance, and spiritual transformation. Take this journey and unlock the doors to financial freedom and peace. Your financial breakthrough is just 40 days away.

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