Medicare Supplements

What You Need to Know About Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement plans (also called Medigap) are standardized by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).

Which means that each plan provides the same benefits from carrier to carrier. For instance, Plan G with company A has the same exact benefits as Plan G with company B. Medical Supplement Insurance companies cannot change the benefits. They are standardized by the government.

All Medicare Insurance Companies are required by law to pay your Medicare approved claims.


The only difference is PRICE.

Even though plan benefits are standardized, the premiums for Medical Supplement (Medigap) plans are not. Each insurance carrier sets their own premiums. They can also increase premiums on a regular basis. In fact, they do.

Hence the need for your own Medicare Insurance Advocate.


Why should I change my Medicare Supplement Insurance Carrier when I’m happy with mine?

To keep premium costs down. Many Medicare beneficiaries are hesitant to change insurance carriers, which is natural. A lot of people are uncomfortable with change. However, when you change carriers, you won’t compromise your coverage because, again, all Medicare insurance companies are required by law to pay all Medicare approved claims.

The only difference for you is you’ll get the lower premium offered by the new carrier.


Do you want to know the primary reason my clients change their insurance carrier?

Less out-of-pocket expenses. They get the same exact coverage benefits but for a lower premium. (Plus they get personalized service from me!) The average we save our clients is $700 to $1000 a year per individual. Sometimes it’s more. (That’s money you can now spend on your grandkids!)


How can a Medicare Insurance Advocate work for you?

As your personal Medicare insurance advocate, we keep you protected by providing annual reviews of your current coverage and customer service help throughout the year. This is the only way to be sure you’re not paying for unnecessary price increases.


Top 7 Reasons to give us a call:

  1. We make Medicare Supplements easy for you.
  2. Our services are free.
  3. There is no cost or obligation to work with us.
  4. We are an independent agency, which means we represent all the top-rated carriers in your area.
  5. Because we’re independent, we are loyal to YOU, not the insurance carrier.
  6. We can meet either in my office or via phone or internet (your choice).
  7. We save you time and money.

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