Here’s an excellent article, 5 Questions You Must Answer Before and During Retirement that covers five essential elements one needs to address when approaching or in retirement. I like that it goes a little deeper into some elements such as how to use a longevity annuity combined with SSI to cover fixed expenses.

It also discusses the use of a long term care insurance policy to provide for the surviving spouse when one spouse passes. Statistically speaking, a husband will predecease his wife, leaving her with less assets, yes. But there’s also the fact that she will have no one to look after her should she need assistance with the activities of daily living if she becomes injured or ill.

And, of course, no retirement planning article would be complete if it didn’t discuss your Medicare options. At a time in life when one should have the freedom to indulge in carefree living, it would be nice if something as critical as selecting the proper Medicare insurance coverage were a tad bit simpler to navigate. But let’s face it….Medicare is anything but simple. Hence the need for a competent Medicare agent to go to bat for you.

Check out the article: 5 Questions You Must Answer Before and During Retirement. It’s a quick but valuable read.

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