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“Because money gives you options

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Women & Money – Reach Your Goals with Self-Imposed Deadlines

So I’ve been down on myself lately for not blogging on a regular schedule. And quite frankly, I’m a little embarrassed about it. But I’m happy to report that something valuable actually came out of this. A lesson you might call it. Here’s the lesson: Unless you create self-imposed deadlines, stuff you say you want […]

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Start Where You Are

  A few weeks back I got an email from a woman who attended one of my retirement planning seminars at her work several years ago. We had our first meeting but she never did get around to scheduling her follow up meeting. I figured she changed her mind about working with me. As it […]

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Why women face more financial challenges in retirement and what to do about it

Being a financial advisor requires that I do massive amounts of reading in order to stay abreast of personal financial and economic trends and issues that my clients may face. Which means I am continually inundated with the reality of the state of our economy. Quite frankly, it is a gloomy picture, especially for women. […]